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Audits, Evaluations and Reviews

To enhance the level of transparency and accountability of its various activities, the MPCC publishes its audits, evaluations and reviews.

Completed Access to Information Requests

The Military Police Complaints Commission of Canada posts summaries of completed Access to Information requests processed by its Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Office.

The summaries are disclosed in the form they were released under the Access to Information Act including format, language and any exemptions or exclusions that were applied at the time of release.

The information is provided in chronological order, by year, month, and by request number.

Requests focusing on personal information or third party proprietary information are not included.

Requests by calendar year: 2017 | 2016 | 2015

Info Source

Info Source: Sources of Federal Government and Employee Information provides information about the functions, programs, activities and related information holdings of government institutions subject to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. It provides individuals and employees of the government (current and former) with relevant information to access personal information about themselves held by government institutions subject to the Privacy Act and to exercise their rights under the Privacy Act.

Proactive Disclosure

The Government of Canada has implemented a series of measures to strengthen public sector management by enhancing transparency and oversight of public resources in the federal government.

One of these measures includes the proactive disclosure of financial and human resources-related information by departments and agencies. By making this information readily available on departmental web sites, Canadians and Parliament are better able to hold the Government and public sector officials to account.

To this end, the Government announced the mandatory publication on departmental Web sites of travel and hospitality expenses for selected government officials; contracts entered into by the Government of Canada for amounts over $10,000 (with only limited exceptions such as national security); and the reclassification of positions.

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